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Rule every family road trip. The 2019 Toyota Sequoia.

As your family grows, so do your adventures. There are countless new places to explore, experiences to share and memories to create. The 2019 Toyota Sequoia offers seating for up to eight passengers, letting everyone ride in comfort. So let’s keep thinking bigger and make this next family outing one to remember.

See how the 2019 Toyota Sequoia SR5 4x4 compares against the 2019 Ford Expedition XLT 4x4. If cost is a concern, the Comparably Equipped Price on Sequoia SR5 4X4 is $7,695 less than the Expedition XLT 4X4. Sequoia SR5 4X4 has 8 Cylinders while Expedition XLT 4X4 has 6 Cylinders. For passenger comfort, the Sequoia has 3 climate control zones, while the Expedition only has 1 and rear headrests are standard on Sequoia SR5 4X4, whereas not available on Expedition XLT 4X4.