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The first-ever Corolla Hybrid.

The first-ever Corolla Hybrid has all the efficiencies of a hybrid with the same good looks as the all-new Corolla. But it’s more than just an attractive, efficient sedan. Corolla Hybrid was built on the same athletic platform as its gas sibling. And you can enable Hybrid Power Mode to increase its throttle response for a more energetic feel by pressing down on the Drive Mode button. It’s the ultimate combination of Corolla’s modern attitude with Toyota’s proven hybrid efficiency.

See how the 2020 Toyota Corolla LE Hybrid AT compares against the Honda Insight LX. For those concerned with cost of ownership, MSRP on the Corolla LE Hybrid AT is $1,210 less than the Insight LX. For further savings, the Corolla LE Hybrid AT’s Fuel Economy (Highway) is 52 mpg while the Insight EX’s Fuel Economy (Highway) is 49 mpg. The tank capacity on the Corolla LE Hybrid AT is 11.4 gallons while the Insight LX has a tank capacity of 10.6 gallons.