Comparación de Vehículos

Mira cómo se comparan los vehículos Toyota con la competencia. Empieza eligiendo tu vehículo Toyota y luego otro de la competencia y descubre en qué se diferencian.




The successor to the legendary AE86 Hachi Roku Corolla, the latest 86 epitomizes everything a sports car should be. Its lightweight body helps extract each ounce of performance, and the Rear-Wheel Drive chassis and dynamic handling helps you attack those corners on track day with confidence. It’s time to celebrate driving. Let’s fire it up.

See how the 2018 Toyota 86 GT 6AT compares against the 2018 BRZ Limited. For safety and convenience, a Heated Exterior Mirror is Standard on 86 GT 6AT but Not Available on BRZ Limited. As for performance, The Toyota 86 GT 6AT has 66 more pounds of Maximum GVWR than the Subaru BRZ Limited.