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Let’s make some family memories that don’t rely on a Wi-Fi signal. Meet the commanding 2016 Toyota Sequoia, the SUV built to inspire your kids’ most liked status updates. Sequoia provides seating for up to eight,1 along with the cargo room you want for everyone’s gear. Inside, its host of high-tech features gives your family the ultimate in convenience and comfort. And to help bring your dream adventures to life, Sequoia offers a powerful V8 engine and genuine all-terrain capability. Sequoia gets the job done and helps you live the lifestyle you love with room to spare. Now when you share the family blog everyone will be impressed. Let’s go places.

Wondering if the Toyota Sequoia is the Toyota for you? Here are a few ways in which the 2016 Toyota Sequoia 4WD 5dr. Platinum compares against the 2016 Ford Expedition King Ranch EL 4X4. First is price: Comparably Equipped Price on Sequoia Platinum 4X4 FFV is $4,745 less than the Expedition King Ranch EL 4X4. If you’re into power, consider that Sequoia Platinum 4X4 FFV has 8 Cylinders while Expedition King Ranch EL 4X4 has 6 Cylinders, and 381hp@5600rpm vs. 365hp@5000rpm respectively. When it comes to towing, The Sequoia Platinum 4X4 FFV has 400 more pounds of Maximum Towing Capacity than the Expedition King Ranch EL 4X4. Finally, Front Knee Airbags are Standard on the Sequoia Platinum 4X4 FFV while Not Available on the Expedition King Ranch EL 4X4.

These are just a few areas where the Sequoia outperforms the Expedition. Learn more in the chart below, or contact a dealer near you today!

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