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It’s not only about reaching your long-range goal. It’s also about having some fun along the way. That’s why Camry Hybrid knows how to balance power with fuel efficiency. With Hybrid Synergy Drive,® the combined output of both the gas and electric motors is an impressive 200 hp. And because of its advanced design, lightweight materials and refined aerodynamics, Camry Hybrid SE lets you go farther for less.

Wondering if the Toyota Camry Hybrid is the Toyota for you? Here are a few ways in which the 2017 Toyota Camry Hybrid SE compares against the 2016 Ford Fusion Hybrid SE FWD. To start, The Cruising Range of the Camry Hybrid SE is 646 while it is 588 on the Fusion Hybrid SE FWD. Also, Battery Power Output is 141.0 on the Camry Hybrid SE, whereas 118.0 on Fusion Hybrid SE FWD. Looking for power? Horsepower @ Max RPM on Camry Hybrid SE is 156@5700 while 141@6000 on Fusion Hybrid SE FWD and Electric Horsepower (Bhp) on Camry Hybrid SE is 200 while 188 on Fusion Hybrid SE FWD. Finally, Camry Hybrid SE has 3.0 more gallons of Fuel Capacity than Fusion Hybrid SE FWD.

These are just a few areas where the Camry Hybrid outperforms the Fusion Hybrid. Learn more in the chart below, or contact a dealer near you today!