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For decades, icons like the 2000GT, Sports 800 and AE86 Corolla have cemented Toyota’s enthusiast cred, earning accolades on the racetrack and respect on the streets. We took this performance DNA and mixed it with modern-day, race-proven engineering to create our purest sports car yet — the 2018 Toyota 86.

See how the 2018 Toyota 86 GT 6AT compares against the 2018 Honda Civic SI Coupe. For starters, a rear bench seat and seatback storage are both standard on the Toyota 86, while neither are available on the Civic. An auxiliary input jack is also standard on the Toyota 86 GT 6AT but not available on Civic Si Coupe 6MT. Finally, a navigational system is optional on the 86 GT 6AT while not available on the Civic Si Coupe 6MT.