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The 2017 Toyota Corolla iM gives you the versatility and performance you need in one incredibly stylish package. Its aggressive body kit is loaded with attitude, making for a ride that refuses to be ignored. You’ll know you’ve arrived the second you get inside Corolla iM. The upscale dashboard features flowing lines, premium materials and an attractive contrast dash panel. Piano-black accents surround the large 7-in. touch-screen, bringing the right amount of tech and beauty to this stylish space.

Wondering if the Toyota Corolla iM is the Toyota for you? Here are a few ways in which the 2017 Toyota Corolla iM compares against the 2017 Honda Fit EX-L CVT. To start, Horsepower on Corolla iM CVT is 137@6100 while 130@6600 on Fit EX-L CVT. Concerned with safety? Front Knee Airbags are Standard on the Corolla iM CVT while Not Available on the Fit EX-L CVT and Corolla iM CVT features Disc brakes while the Fit EX-L CVT has Drum. Looking to go places? Corolla iM CVT has 3.4 more gallons of Fuel Capacity than Fit EX-L CVT. Finally, Vehicle Speed Proportional Power Steering is Standard on Corolla iM CVT, whereas Not Available on Fit EX-L CVT.

These are just a few areas where the Corolla iM outperforms the Fit. Learn more in the chart below, or contact a dealer near you today!