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Introducing Prius Prime, the hybrid that dares to pursue possibilities and adventures. Designed to get the most out of every day, its sleek silhouette helps maximize your mpg, while its large battery capacity allows you to run longer in EV Mode.1 Discover how Toyota’s proven hybrid technology takes you farther and experience a drive that connects you to your destination, and to the world around you, in a way that no hybrid has done before.

Wondering if the Toyota Prius Prime is the Toyota for you? Here are a few ways in which the 2017 Toyota Prius Prime Advanced compares against the 2016 Nissan Leaf SV. To start, Comparably Equipped Price on Prius Prime Advanced is $2,955 less than the LEAF SV. Driver Multi-Adjustable Power Seat is Standard on Prius Prime Advanced but Not Available on LEAF SV. If you’re looking for safety, consider Front Knee Airbags are Standard on the Prius Prime Advanced while Not Available on the LEAF SV. Finally, The Rear Suspension is Independent on the Prius Prime Advanced while Semi-Independent on the LEAF SV.

These are just a few areas where the Prius Prime outperforms the Nissan Leaf. Learn more in the chart below, or contact a dealer near you today!