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The transportation revolution continues. The powerful, stylish Camry Hybrid offers elevated performance and exceptional fuel economy, along with advanced tech and a striking look that will leave you breathless. Its dependability has been refined for more than a decade, and speaks to the reliability of Toyota’s proven hybrid technology. Camry Hybrid’s elevated efficiency arrives with a remarkably stunning drive, thanks to its hybrid system. The hybrid powertrain produces ample torque along with responsive acceleration. Optimally positioning the hybrid battery and employing the same sophisticated multi-link rear suspension as the gas-powered Camry helps Camry Hybrid conquer every twist and turn. It’s an exciting drive that lets you do even more.

See how the 2019 Toyota Camry Hybrid LE compares against the Ford Fusion Hybrid SE. For more cost savings, the Camry Hybrid LE’s fuel economy (city) is 51 while the Fusion Hybrid SE’s fuel economy (city) is 43. If you’re interested in power, the horsepower on Camry Hybrid LE is 176@5700 while only 141@6000 on the Fusion Hybrid SE, and the torque on the Carmy Hybrid LE is 163@3600 while 129@4000 on the Fusion Hybrid SE.